The Tirler bio-hotel, ideal for allergy sufferers
03.04.2014 17:05

Here at 1752 m altitude the air is particularly clear and pure. It contains virtually no pollen and dust particles. Allergy sufferers can breathe easy here. This is also true for the natural Hotel Tirler . It features a special anti-allergy and intolerance license that guarantees that allergy sufferers can feel fully here. For example, no pets are allowed in the hotel Tirler - stillebach.at

In the hotel Tirler humans and nature feel in balance. Contributing to the natural materials of the region, but also certain places that have a lot of energy. The Nature Hotel Tirler is one such place. It is located very close to the witches sources Barefoot and adventure, an ancient natural monument.

Rejuvenate your body in our unique vibrational energy cave and forget about worries and everyday life. Here at the Hotel Tirler you can really relax and feel that body, soul and spirit live together in harmony.

For well-being but a part of our opinion and the enjoyment. Relax after a sunny winter day on skis in front of our open fire in the lounge for an aperitif or enjoy the sun on our sun terrace. Our chef offers this refined dishes made from local produce and Italian delicacies. May we offer you a glass of South Tyrolean wine? A red Lagrein or a white Sauvignon or Pinot Blanc? Cheers! If you traveling you should visiting: biohotel tirol


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