Erstes Bio Hotel in Lavant...
10.04.2014 10:33

In Lavant the first organic hotel opened . The small town Rieding on the known Koralpe home to the charming house offers through the numerous features attractive destinations for young and old . But it is not the many attractions that are the focus here , but it is the house itself Bio Hotel in Rieding is truly in all areas related to organic , creating a concept that is impressive and internationally. Love has Borowic family who run the house as the owner , but less in the building , but rather in the beautiful view. Before committing their new " baby " devoted , they have become completely focused on a seminar at the Chiemsee Hotel . Now they inspire in Rieding with a house, where even the furniture is the strict organic standards. Family Borowic be happy to that they not only implement a holistic organic concept , but live it. If you traveling you should visiting: biohotel tirol

In early July opened the Bio Restaurant under the direction of Family Borowic and cook Eva -Maria Schoenherr . Currently, the spa, which will in future decorate the house , still in the planning , but even this is to be completed in 2009. Wolfgang Borowic points like that also chemical additives for paints and other materials have been waived even with the construction . The new Bio Hotel shows that not only organic fruit and cereal , read . The menu can undoubtedly be proud , because in addition to a Wiener schnitzel you will also find a lasagna or the organic cola, visiting: stillebach.at


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